Crime Sub Groups

The OCTF has a number of thematic Sub Groups which contribute to the delivery of the Northern Ireland Organised Crime Strategy 2021-2024.  The Sub Groups include:

Cyber Crime

The Cyber Crime Group provides a forum for engagement between PSNI, government and relevant stakeholders across the private and NGO sectors, academia, cyber security industry and local government in response to cyber crime and related developments, issues and threats.   



The Drugs Group provides a forum for engagement between PSNI, government, local government and other stakeholders in response to the challenges posed by the misuse of drugs and related threats.  It aims to identify solutions to effectively deal with enforcement issues and tackle the supply of drugs in Northern Ireland. 

Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking (MSHT)

The MSHT Group brings together the main statutory bodies who have responsibility for tackling modern slavery and human trafficking.  Its purpose includes providing multi-agency input to the development of the strategic response to tackle MSHT in Northern Ireland.  It facilitates engagement, knowledge sharing and collaborative work between statutory bodies and supports the development and adaptation of networks of existing partnerships to tackle and prevent MSHT.  

Its role also includes facilitating greater public awareness of MSHT and of operational successes by law enforcement partners.  It seeks to learn from best practice from other jurisdictions in order to respond robustly to the threats and increase the number of disruptions against offenders.


Economic Crime

The Criminal Finance Group brings together practitioners and accredited financial investigators with responsibility for asset recovery from each investigative agency.  The Group includes representatives from the Public Prosecution Service and the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service, and other relevant government departments and statutory agencies.  The aim of the Group is to improve asset recovery performance in, and identify solutions to, effectively deal with proceeds of crime in Northern Ireland. 

Intellectual Property Crime (IPC)

The IPC Group provides a forum for engagement between PSNI, government, local government and other stakeholders in response to intellectual property crime, involving fake and illicit goods.  It helps identify solutions to related issues and threats.  


Emerging Threats

The Emerging Threats Group brings together a range of law enforcement and statutory agencies to identify, monitor and respond to developing threats, including in the context of post-EU Exit arrangements.

The Group aims to promote a shared understanding of risk and to develop a strategic picture of the threat posed by criminals seeking to exploit the common travel area in and out of Northern Ireland.