Organised Crime Affects Everyone

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Who We Are

The Organised Crime Task Force (OCTF) was established in Northern Ireland in 2000 and as from 12 April 2010 comes under the auspice of the Department of Justice. The Task Force, chaired by the Minister of Justice, is a forum which brings government, law enforcement and a range of agencies together to set priorities for tackling organised crime in Northern Ireland. The OCTF does not assume an operational responsibility, which remains the focus of the law enforcement agencies operating in Northern Ireland.



The mission of the Organised Crime Task Force is to help secure a safe, just and properous society in Northern Ireland by confronting organised crime through a multi-agency partnership between central and NI Government Departments, law enforcement, the Policing Board, the business community and the community at large.

Organised crime affects everyone in our society. From those victims directly affected by human trafficking, extortion and drugs, to the wider impact that organised crime has on the economy, public services and the environment.

Everyone pays in one way or another, and everyone has a role to play.


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