Human Trafficking - Know the Signs

Could You recognise a victim of human trafficking?

Human Trafficking can affect anyone, of any age, gender or nationality.


Is someone: Do they appear to:
- Working against their will? - Have little or no time off?
- Have their movements controlled? - Live in overcrowded
- Subject to violence of threats? - Have bruises or unexplained
- Distrustful of authorities? - Be subject to security at their  
   accommodation or work premises?
- Unable to communicate freely  with others? - Have no access to their earnings?
- Unsure of where they are? - Work excessive hours?
- Not integrated with the local  community? - Be in a situation of dependance?

These are just some of the indicators that someone may have been trafficked. You can find more signs on the nidirect website.

If you have suspicions, report them to the PSNI on 999 or anonymously to Crimestoppers. You can also contact Migrant Help 24/7 referral line on 077 6666 8781.