Organisational Structure

Stakeholder Group.

Advises and monitors progress in achieving cross
cutting objectives to combat organised crime in
Northern Ireland

Strategy Group.

Develops an improved shared understanding of the
nature of organised crime in Northern Ireland and
identifies the barriers to tackling organised crime as 
well as developing strategies to overcome them.

Armed Robbery Expert Group.

Develops initatives to tackle armed robberies
including cash in transit attacks and tiger kidnappings. 

Cyber Crime Subgroup.

Examines all areas of cyber and cyber enabled crime affecting Northern Ireland and encourages sharing of information between all relevant agencies. Identifies
and removes any barriers to investigating and
prosecuting these crimes.

Criminal Finance Group

Examines all areas of criminal finance activities
including extortion, non-revenue fraud and money
laundering, and makes proposals on how these 
should be tackled. It leads on the OCTF Assets
Recovery Action Plan. 

Drug Expert Working Group.

Facilitates a shared understanding between law
enforcement agencies of organised crime involvement
in the Northern Ireland drugs market to maximise the 
collective effectiveness in tackling organised crime. It
ensures that the law enforcement agencies involved in 
tackling drug trafficking and supply, support the wider 
Northern Ireland Drug Strategy.

Immigration Crime and Human Trafficking 
Expert Group.

Seeks to improve cooperation between partner agencies and to identify and remove barriers to progress in the investigation of organised immigration crime. Also seeks to exploit investigative opportunities to arrest, disrupt and prosecute those engaged in trafficking for sexual or other exploitation.

Legal Subgroup. 

The reference point for any legal issues that may arise across the various sub or expert groups. It also looks at ways for ensuring the legislative changes relating to the work of the law enforcement agencies are communicated properly throughout the organisations.

Publicity Subgroup.

Coordinates media strategies from across a range of agencies and develops the public awareness programme for the OCTF.

Cross Border Fuel Fraud Enforcement Group.

Includes representatives  from PSNI, SOCA, the Revenue Commissioners, Criminal Assets Bureau, the NIO and HMRC. The group develops strategies to tackle fuel fraud across jurisdictions.

Intellectual Property Crime Expert Group.

Identifies and removes any barriers to investigating and prosecuting intellectual property crime.