Mobile phones scam

03 May 2013

On Wednesday 1st May a householder in the Ballymena area received a package addressed to him containing two new mobile phones from O2. The man had not ordered any phones and immediately contacted O2 to inform them that an error must have been made. He was instructed to take the phones to a Post Office at his earliest convenience to return them to O2.

A short time later he received a call from a person purporting to be from a delivery company saying the delivery had gone to the wrong address. The caller then told him that they would call to his house to collect the package. The householder advised the caller that he had contacted O2 and the police. The caller then rang off.

It is believed the phones, once collected by the scammers, would then have been sold on.

Police would advise anyone who receives phones or any other items they have not ordered to contact the company the delivery is from in the first instance and report it.

Police should also be contacted if any member of the public is in any way worried that the delivery has not been a genuine mistake.

There are numerous types of frauds and scams being practised by fraudsters and they come in many guises. The ability of fraudsters to practise new scams is infinite.

If any member of the public thinks they have been the subject of any type of scam telephone 0845 600 800.