Launch of Crash Car Simulator

02 November 2016

Justice Minister Claire Sugden and Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard have jointly launched a £40,000 Department of Justice funded, Crash Car Simulator, the latest project from the Police and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSP) aimed at helping young drivers stay safe on the road.

The vehicle simulator is based on a standard car and is the result of a joint initiative between Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP and Mid Ulster PCSP. Funding was secured from the Department of Justice Assets Recovery Communities Scheme.

Speaking at the launch Justice Minister Claire Sugden said: “The Crash Car Simulator will be enormously valuable in helping to educate young drivers about the dangers they face on the roads and consequences of irresponsible and anti-social driving. 

“I congratulate all the stakeholders who, working together, have delivered this innovative, engaging and potentially lifesaving project.”

Drivers will start with a typical journey on a rural road and using its high quality sound system, hydraulics, DVD player, smoke and light system, the simulator reproduces the very touch and feel of being in a crash.

Infrastructure Minister, Chris Hazzard welcomed the initiative saying:“The Crash Car Simulator will highlight to young drivers the devastating impacts and consequences of careless and irresponsible driving. Young drivers are vastly overrepresented when it comes to deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

“This project presents a great complement to our efforts to encourage young drivers to always pay attention, slow down, never drive after consuming alcohol or drugs and to always wear a seatbelt, so that they may enjoy a lifetime of safe motoring.”

Users will also learn about the devastating consequences of reckless driving including the potential injury they may suffer or cause and also the possibility of death.