Areas of Crime

There are many definitions of "organised crime"; generally it involves a group of people involved in serious criminal activities for substantial profit. Violence and threat of violence is used by organised criminals in some cases, the main activity is for financial gain.

Organised Crime is big business in Northern Ireland and the crime gangs are involved in a wide range of crime areas. Both Loyalist and Republican paramilitary groups will carry out organised criminal activities in order to funraise, for personal gain and also to exert control over the communities in which they operate.

Organised Crime Gangs are involved in a wide range of crimes including:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Money laundering
  • Excise and tax fraud (including oils fraud)
  • Intellectual property crime (including counterfeit goods)
  • Armed robbery and cash in transit attacks
  • Drugs
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Organised immigration crime,( including human trafficking)
  • Fraud.

The clandestine nature of organised crime and the fact that criminals conceal their activities makes it difficult to accurately calculate the damage organised crime causes society here but the sums of money involved run into hundreds of millions of pounds. More importantly  however, it leads to harm in our community.
Everyone has a part to play in tackling organised crime.

Organised criminals exist to profit at the expense of the community. Every time you buy a preloaded IPTV box or counterfeit football shirt you're lining the gangster's pockets. Everytime you fill up with laundered diesel or buy under the counter cigarettes you're helping to fill the coffers of criminal groups.

Do you want to line the pockets of criminals, fund their lavish lifestyles and pay for crime in your area?

Don't Support It. Report It!