Ford launches consultation on human trafficking

29 May 2015

David Ford said: “Human trafficking and exploitation are abhorrent crimes which devastate the lives of victims and their families. They have a hugely harmful impact on society in general. Tackling these offences and the people who perpetrate them is a priority for me and for my Department.”


The draft strategy has been developed by the Department of Justice after extensive engagement with both civil society partners on the DOJ’s Human Trafficking Engagement Group and statutory partners on the Organised Crime Task Force’s Immigration and Human Trafficking Subgroup. It builds on the work that has already been delivered under previous human trafficking action plans for Northern Ireland.


The draft strategy identifies a wide range of challenging and targeted actions that the Department and its partners are committed to delivering over the next twelve months.


The actions fall under four strategic priorities: Pursue; Protect and support; Prevent and Partnership.


David Ford continued: “I believe that this draft strategy and the objectives and actions underpinning it reinforce Northern Ireland’s defences against these appalling crimes. The Strategy will facilitate effective investigations and prosecutions and will help to ensure that victims are identified, protected and supported.”


The Department is particularly keen to consult with organisations or agencies whose functions or activities seek to tackle human trafficking or slavery-like offences or to support the victims of these offences.