ATM Crime

The physical theft of ATM machines first became an issue in Northern Ireland in 2009 when there were 21 incidents, around two thirds of which involved stolen plant machinery.

One organised crime gang was linked to the earliest recorded incidents but subsequent media coverage resulted in a series of "copycat" offences occurring. However, the number of incidents where the ATM is actually stolen is limited and more often damage is caused to the building housing the cash machine with the ATM itself left buried in the rubble.

Since the middle of March 2013, there have been a series of ATM attacks in Great Britain where gas has been used to gain entry. Premises attacked have included shops, petrol stations and banks, and the damage caused has been substancial. A similar attack using gas was seen in the Republic of Ireland in 2014 and as predicted gas attacks did migrate to Northern Ireland.  In 2015 there were nine physical attacks on ATMs in Northern Ireland with two attacks involving the use of gas, a reduction on 2014 due mainly to the successful arrest and charging of offenders after the attacks in 2014.